Life in Camper: the pickup!

I want to leave this world knowing that I did my very best to take as little as possible and give as much as I can, meaning also to reduce my carbon footprint to a minimum, reducing the impact that I have on the environment and all its inhabitants. Stopping to eat other sentient beings, stopping to use and abuse them in any way, was the most obvious first step and also the easiest. So what’s next? Improving my living situation.

Do not ride elephants…

…or support any other activity that involves those incredible beings. This cannot be stressed enough! We are fascinated by these amazing creatures and feel this need to be close to them. However, to train elephants for the circus, for riding and trekking and to make them compliant to work for the wood logging industry, street begging and the likes it takes lifelong abuse, torture and confinement. Continue reading Do not ride elephants…

Video Gallery Finally Up

Not sure how long ago I started working on this (I think 2013) but I finally finished the video gallery for my website. To no one’s surprise it’s mainly fish and other (non-) sea creatures doing their thing under water but there may be some yoga going on as well.

To celebrate the many recent Whaleshark sightings on Koh Tao – you never forget your first Whaleshark (12th dive, 11 March 2011)! – I’m featuring a piece of the only Whaleshark I ever caught on camera. It was part of a video I did for a group of Open Water students from Sairee Cottage Diving. At the end of the dive, I was all alone in the water with that magnificent being – what a blessing!