Koh Tao Crossfit, My Second Home

Cluelessly living in this tropical bubble of Koh Tao, none of us “locals” – apart from maybe one or two – have ever heard of this thing called Crossfit. Turns out this is what many of us have unknowingly been waiting for!

Our little box opened just over a year ago, in June 2013 and with it came Brad, the coach that couldn’t be more suitable for us. While many of us ex-pats used to be physically active, we have unfortunately been neglecting our fitness for lack of options ever since moving out here. Brad was able to change that literally over night. Thanks to his love and enthusiasm for Crossfit and fitness, however, he had us coming back to the box for more every day and within a few weeks he had built the most amazing community of new Crossfit addicts.

Ever since moving to Koh Tao, I was missing this one thing that would physically and mentally challenge as well as leave me all powered out and content at the end of the day. And then Crossfit came into my life. Apart from ballet, jazz dance and Yoga, nothing has ever gotten me more excited and motivated. Crossfit makes me do things I have never done before (who knew there was a weightlifter in me?!) and many of us have realised that our bodies and minds are capable of so much more than we ever thought. We are incredibly fortunate that Crossfit and Brad have found their way to Koh Tao cause what they have done to the island is invaluable.

The quality of my life has increased tremendously over the past few months. Physically and mentally I have gone through an amazing transformation, I have met the greatest people in that box of ours and I get to struggle, sweat and grow with them everyday…as well as have an occasional after-WOD drink. Crossfit has become a huge part of my life and will hopefully be for a long, long time.

The gang after our Beach WOD for KTC's one year anniversary
My gang after our Beach WOD for KTC’s one year anniversary.

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