Fruit Pie for the Lazy

Fruit pies –  one of my favourite dishes from my childhood. I haven’t had any in a long time – hard to get by on Koh Tao and rarely are they vegan. So this summer I dragged my lazy ass to the kitchen and made my own.So far, I have been buying the dough but they usually contain palm oil and I am trying to eliminate that from my life. Yesterday I had my first attempt at the dough as well.

Long story short: the following recipe has a mix of a few that I have been experimenting with and I am more than pleased with the result. Including the baking, it shouldn’t take longer than 70 minutes.

For the dough: 
– 200 g flour (I used spelt)
– 1 ts baking powder
– 0.5 ts salt
– 30 g rape seed or sunflower oil
– 70 ml cold water


Mix all ingredients together and let the dough rest in the fridge for about 30 min. During that time you can prepare the toppings and the icing.

Share2For the topping:
– shredded coconut
– fruit of your choice
– raw cane sugar

Roll the dough out and put it in the pan. Punch a few holes in it with a fork, spread a layer of shredded coconut, add the fruit and sprinkle it all with some sugar.


For the icing:
– 1 Ts chia seeds
– 2 dl plant based milk
– vanilla powder
– raw cane sugar
– pinch of salt



Let the chia seeds soak in the milk for about ten minutes and then add the other ingredients (vanilla powder and sugar to taste). Mix it all in a food processor and pour it over the cake.

Preheat the oven to 180° C and bake for about 30 minutes. READY!


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