Life in Camper: the pickup!

I want to leave this world knowing that I did my very best to take as little as possible and give as much as I can, meaning also to reduce my carbon footprint to a minimum, reducing the impact that I have on the environment and all its inhabitants. Stopping to eat other sentient beings, stopping to use and abuse them in any way, was the most obvious first step and also the easiest. So what’s next? Improving my living situation.

Susi’s first time in Switzerland 🙂
For a while now have I been following with joy the tiny house movement and at the same time witnessed my friends Susi and Claudio living the dream in a camper. A tiny house at this stage of my life is not an option…but an RV certainly is! So in May I went to the homeland to buy me some camper and as I write these extremely wise words I am on the train with Susi from Milano to Zürich to pick up my new off grid home: no landlord, no contracts, no bills…no one to rip me off – I am the master of my own disaster.

Mostly I am excited about the reduction of physical space that I’ll occupy and about living as simply as possible. There is nothing more freeing than a life without many belongings – physically but even more so mentally – something I had already experienced on Koh Tao.

New home…gotta give it a name…

Tomorrow will be the official takeover and Saturday will start the longish journey back home. Over the next few weeks, with the help of Claudio aka MacGyver, I will be pimping the RV to make it more homely and getting it ready for the kitties and I. Stay tuned!

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