Life in Camper: turning an RV into a home

Anderson is ready!
Name in honour of the über-animal-rights activist Pamela as well as The One – Mr. Anderson.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been pimping the “interior design” and had a couple of technical details added at Caravan Service Livorno. Today is a rainy day so I decided it was perfect timing to move in. In fact, we already spent our first night – sleeping was not really an option with two cats who are used to going out whenever they want. To get them used to the place as well as the new location, I will unfortunately have to lock them inside for a couple of weeks. Right now they are catching up on their sleep while I feel like a zombie… Either way, I’d like to talk a little bit about what was important to me when choosing an RV and all the things – technical and otherwise – I added to pimp it to my liking.

One of the most important factors was to maximise the space. I love space and light and I don’t like things lying around. For this reason, I searched for an RV with just one bed (and the option to create another).

French bed

Specifically, I decided to go for a French bed: it is permanent, doesn’t require climbing and allows you to sit up (tiny people like me can also stand up). Also, you don’t get a heat stroke during the summer.




For the bathroom, a window obviously was essential (in the roof) as well as having the shower separate form the toilet. In my case, the bathroom is one big cabin but the shower space can be separated through two folding doors. The big space comes in extra-handy as right now I’ve put the litter box there as well.


The kitchen doesn’t have more than needed and thus a lot of storage space.

Thanks to the many windows (driver cabin, two on the left, two on the right, one in the back, three in the roof), there is a lot of light and the air flows nicely.

So what did I have added? Before picking it up in Switzerland, I’ve had two solar panels installed. The goal is to live off solar power as much as possible and minimise the trips to the camper park (there is no electricity at the sanctuary).

In Livorno they added a second battery as well as an inverter so I can charge my devices. Another convenience I got was an auto-changover regulator for the two gas tanks, meaning when one is empty, it will change automatically to the other. And last but not least, they installed the cat flap!


For the “interior design”, I’ve taken a few trips to Ikea.

Bathroom accessories
Sofa covers (cats!) plus table runner
Scratch area for the cats
Rack plus hanging storage for keys and accessories

I’m very happy with the result and super excited for the off-grid life and I’m hoping they’ll let me sleep tonight…

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