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Beginning of 2013 I expanded my diver qualifications and got trained as a BSAC Underwater Videographer by the amazing Elisabeth Lauwerys at Oceans Below. Descending into the blue and looking for all the amazing creatures you can possibly capture on camera is one thing. What gets me really excited, though, is to choose a magnificent composition and combine visuals and sounds to a finely choreographed piece.

The Beautiful Blue
A video that I made during my BSAC Underwater Videography Course. My filming and editing skills weren’t very refined yet, but it still shows the beauty of the Koh Tao underwater world, also thanks to James Horner’s wonderful piece of music.
Epic Encounters
Another video that I made during my BSAC Underwater Videography Course. I combined the amazing oceanic life with one of the most beautiful pieces ever composed, The Swan Lake Suite by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.
Ode to Whalesharks
This video was part of a souvenir video for diving students. A whaleshark came to hang out at the divesite. It is an undescribable feeling to be in the presence of this magnificent being.

Not all of my videos involve marine creatures. Some of them are not even under the surface.

Thirty Tanks Strapped to One Man
Five Koh Tao Crossfitters embarked on a mission to set a new world record: Strap as many Scuba tanks as possible to one man. I accompanied the lot with my camera and made a short video/slide show of the whole madness.
Cynthia Joanne
This video was my so called Dry Project during my BSAC Underwater Videography Training. I asked Cynthia, my yoga teacher on Koh Tao, to tell me more about her yoga journey. Watch her, listen to her – she’s amazing.

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