Beginning the Yoga Journey

In June, I will hop over to Koh Phangan and do the first 200 hours of the Yoga Teacher Training. While I am getting really excited and ready for that adventure, reading the required books and practicing with the best of the best here on Koh Tao (yes, you Cynthia), I am thinking back on how I got into Yoga. Believe me: back then I was the last person to become passionate about it!

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Why on earth vegan?!

Most people are intrigued by my dietary choice – even more so because I do Crossfit. So I am taking this opportunity to elaborate on my reasons behind it – I am pretty sure that my story is similar to the story of many other vegans. Continue reading Why on earth vegan?!

Welcome to my ideal little world…

…where the happiness and freedom of all living beings is paramount and humans strive for a compassionate, healthy and fulfilled life. How I spend most of my days? Picking up poop at Ippoasi animal sanctuary, eating rabbit food, trying to lift some weights at Crossfit Tower, working on my mental sanity and enjoying la dolce vita…