Bangkok Brawl – You’ll Always Be My First!

Since Thailand hosted their first Crossfit competition a year ago, it was my dream to participate whenever the next opportunity would arise. Well, I miss out on another one – the Chiang Mai Throwdown in August. But then they announced the Bangkok Brawl and there was no way I was gonna miss out on that one as well. The extra training that I had put in over the past few months (thank you, Invictus!) even allowed me to join the Rx beasts…barely. Continue reading Bangkok Brawl – You’ll Always Be My First!

Koh Tao Crossfit, My Second Home

Cluelessly living in this tropical bubble of Koh Tao, none of us “locals” – apart from maybe one or two – have ever heard of this thing called Crossfit. Turns out this is what many of us have unknowingly been waiting for!

Continue reading Koh Tao Crossfit, My Second Home

Welcome to my ideal little world…

…where the happiness and freedom of all living beings is paramount and humans strive for a compassionate, healthy and fulfilled life. How I spend most of my days? Picking up poop at Ippoasi animal sanctuary, eating rabbit food, trying to lift some weights at Crossfit Tower, working on my mental sanity and enjoying la dolce vita…